virtual_outworlding2013 WRITE: Notes from a novelist in SL, by Keykey Underwood (2013)

Since childhood, I’d always thought of myself as a writer – all evidence to the contrary. I wrote in my head and I made notes for books I’d write if I ever found the time, but rarely committed more than a few introductory paragraphs to paper. If, on occasion, I actually completed a poem or story, I never submitted them to journals or magazines. Yet today, in late middle age (or perhaps early old age) I am the author of Painting Bridges, a novel that is being reviewed in three real world newspapers this month and the winner of an international poetry competition that will take me to London in December. The amazing reality is that my current good fortune began in a fantasy world. I became a real writer in Second Life. Read more…


My Second LifeMy Time as a Virtual Jew (2010)
A quirky online world inspires real-life Jewish engagement. Avatars (Javatars!) get all dressed up for shul, shabbos, and even getting virtually wasted at the Mitzvah Bar.
Anzia Yezierska and Me
Anzia Yezierska and Me (2008)
Why, at 16, Averbach cut short her career as literary assistant to the author of Bread Givers, Hungry Heart and Salome of the Tenements.